Capital Raising


Whatever your funding needs, Hypa can help to raise equity fundraising and arranging loans for start-ups, early-stage companies and SMEs as well as introductions to project finance in real estate, renewable energy and infrastructure. We are also willing to explore alternative ways to fund your activities including decentralised finance that uses Web3 relying on blockchain, smart contracts and decentralised applications (dApps).

This applies not only to UK companies, but also to overseas persons wishing to set up a new or subsidiary operation in the UK or abroad. Whatever your business or funding needs and wherever you may be from, we can help you and your business and also provide your business with innovative investment solutions as part of your funding journey, if required.

Due Diligence

For the investor, due diligence is at the heart of everything we do. Hypa ensures that an extensive and rigorous due diligence process is undertaken based on many years of successful research, investment management and sourcing of investment opportunities for clients.

However, we don’t leave it there; we work with businesses or the investee company to help them to automate and use technology where possible to increase efficiency, reduce costs and boost returns. We adopt an incremental approach by looking at every aspect of the investee company business model and advise on significant and small improvements that help the company and your investment to thrive and avoid time consuming and potentially costly pit falls.

Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG)

Potential investee companies increasingly need to take into account Environmental, Social corporate Governance (ESG) considerations and embed them into their business models. Increased demand from institutional investors for environmentally sustainable investments that embrace transparency and diversity, means that companies that have incorporated ESG factors into their models are increasingly in demand and better at attracting new clients. This in turn will lead to higher company valuations, returns and/or increase the possibilities for the all-important exit strategy for the founders and the investors of the companies involved.

Indeed, a common demand from investors, shareholders and clients alike is for a company to aim for net zero emissions, whereby the total greenhouse gas emissions they produce are offset by the removal or reduction of an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. We can help the company to achieve this through various means, such as implementing renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, adopting carbon capture technologies, or investing in projects that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, such as reforestation or carbon capture and storage.